About 100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets.io

100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets.io is a wild and comical multiplayer arcade game set in the quirky universe of Skibidi Toilets. In the universe of Skibidi Toilets, an outbreak of Skibidi has turned ordinary people into living toilets with their heads sticking out. This absurd and wacky scenario sets the stage for a battle for survival like no other.

How to play 100 Cameramans vs 100 Toilets.io

Key Features:

  • Absurdity Meets Adrenaline: Get ready for a blend of absurdity and adrenaline as you embark on this comical adventure.

  • Mission to Save the Universe: Your primary objective is to save the Skibidi Toilet Universe from complete absurdity and chaos.

  • Unique Character Designs: Encounter living toilets with heads sticking out, along with other quirky characters, as you battle it out in this wacky universe.

  • Multiplayer Arcade Gameplay: Engage in wild and comical multiplayer battles where chaos reigns supreme.

  • Large-Scale Battles: Experience epic 100 vs. 100 battles, adding an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game.

  • Choose Your Side: Players can take on the role of either "Cameramans" or "Toilets," each with its own set of abilities and characteristics.

  • Survival and Strategy: Utilize strategy and teamwork to survive in this bizarre world and outwit your opponents.

  • Unlockable Classes: Start with standard classes like Camera Man, Siren Man, Boombox Man, or Scientist Camera Man. Earn points by defeating enemies to unlock new, unique classes with special abilities.

How to Play:

  • Select Your Side: Choose whether to play as a "Cameraman" or a "Toilet" at the beginning of the game.

  • Engage in Battles: Dive into multiplayer battles filled with chaos, laughter, and surprises.

  • Use Unique Abilities: Each class comes with its own set of weapons, abilities, and quirks. Experiment with different classes to find your favorite playstyle.

  • Earn Points: Defeat enemies, deal damage, and earn points to unlock new and more powerful classes.

  • Survive and Conquer: Work together with your team to survive the absurd challenges of the Skibidi Toilet Universe and emerge victorious.