About Adventures With Anxiety

Adventures With Anxiety is a choice-based story game that provides players with an interactive narrative experience centered around the theme of anxiety and mental health. In the game, you take on the role of anxiety itself, allowing you to gain insight into the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of a person dealing with anxiety. Please note that this game may contain sensitive and potentially triggering content related to mental health, so it should be approached with care and consideration for your emotional well-being.

How to play Adventures With Anxiety

Here's a general overview of how to play "Adventures With Anxiety," along with some controls guidance:


The primary objective in "Adventures With Anxiety" is not to achieve a traditional game "winning" goal but rather to engage with a narrative-driven experience that explores the challenges and impact of living with anxiety.


  1. Narrative Choices: The game is primarily about making choices that shape the narrative. You'll encounter various situations and dilemmas that reflect the character's experiences with anxiety.

  2. Role of Anxiety: As the player, you assume the role of anxiety itself, guiding the character through their thoughts and emotions. Your choices will influence the character's feelings, thoughts, and interactions.

  3. Exploration: The game may take you through different scenarios, including abstract representations of anxiety and its effects. These segments aim to provide insight into the character's inner struggles.


  • The controls for "Adventures With Anxiety" are typically straightforward, involving making choices using mouse clicks or touch inputs (on mobile devices). When presented with choices or actions, you select from the available options to progress the story.

Content Warning:

  • "Adventures With Anxiety" includes content related to anxiety and mental health. This content may be emotionally challenging, especially for individuals who have personal experiences with anxiety or mental health conditions.

How to Play:

  • To play the game, you engage with the story by making choices that reflect how the character, who is dealing with anxiety, responds to various situations. The focus is on exploring the character's emotional journey, rather than traditional gameplay objectives.

Safety Note:

  • Given the sensitive nature of the game's content, it's essential to approach it with self-care in mind. If you find the content distressing or triggering, it's okay to take breaks or seek support from a mental health professional or counselor.

"Adventures With Anxiety" offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on anxiety and mental health, aiming to foster empathy and understanding. It's crucial to engage with the game mindfully and prioritize your emotional well-being while playing.