About Alien Invaders.io

Alien Invaders.io: Conquer the Galaxy in an Intergalactic Showdown

Are you ready to embark on an extraterrestrial adventure like no other? Introducing Alien Invaders.io, the ultimate game where you control a UFO spaceship in an epic battle against other aliens. Strap in, move at lightning speed, abduct earthly and other alien invaders, and become the biggest spaceship in the galaxy. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Play now and prove your dominance in the thrilling alien war of Alien Invaders io!


To enhance your gameplay experience, Alien Invaders.io offers three exciting game modes to choose from:

  1. Classic Mode: In this mode, the goal is to become the biggest spaceship in the game. Consume as many aliens as possible and outgrow your opponents to secure your dominance in the galaxy.

  2. Solo Mode: In Solo mode, you are tasked with a unique objective – to devour an entire city. Absorb buildings, vehicles, and even humans to grow in size and strength. Can you become the ultimate city destroyer?

  3. Battle Mode: Battle it out in an intense showdown with other UFO spaceships. Be the last UFO standing and showcase your skills in this thrilling battle royale-style mode. Outmaneuver your opponents, collect power-ups, and emerge as the champion of the alien war.

Tips to Conquer the Galaxy:

  1. Speed is Key: Move swiftly through space to outmaneuver your rivals. Swift navigation allows you to catch unsuspecting aliens and grow at a rapid pace.

  2. Strategic Abductions: Choose your targets wisely. Devour smaller aliens to grow quickly, but beware of larger opponents who might have their sights set on you. Assess the situation and make calculated abductions to maintain an edge.

  3. Utilize Boosters: Alien Invaders.io offers a variety of boosters to aid your intergalactic conquest. Treasure Chests provide valuable rewards, Magnets attract nearby aliens towards you, and Upsize boosts your spaceship's growth rate. Utilize these power-ups strategically to gain an advantage over your adversaries.

Advantages of Playing Alien Invaders.io

  1. Customization: Personalize your gameplay by choosing your own Player Name. Stand out from the crowd and leave your mark in the galaxy as you dominate the leaderboard.

  2. Skins Galore: Alien Invaders.io offers a wide range of skins to unlock and collect. With 6 Rare Skins, 15 Epic Skins, and 6 Legendary Skins available, you can showcase your unique style as you traverse the cosmos.

  3. Thrilling Game Modes: Whether you prefer classic battles, city-devouring mayhem, or intense showdowns, Alien Invaders.io caters to a variety of playstyles. Dive into the mode that suits your mood and conquer the galaxy your way.


Prepare yourself for an interstellar adventure like no other with Alien Invaders.io. Control your UFO spaceship, devour alien invaders, and ascend to become the largest and most powerful entity in the galaxy. With its exciting gameplay modes, customization options, and strategic challenges, Alien Invaders.io promises hours of thrilling entertainment. Join the alien war today and prove yourself as the ultimate conqueror of the cosmos. Play now and embrace the intergalactic showdown of Alien Invaders io!

Remember, the galaxy awaits. Will you rise to the challenge?

How to play Alien Invaders.io

In Alien Invaders.io, the objective is simple yet exhilarating. You must control your UFO spaceship and navigate through the vast expanse of space, devouring other aliens to grow larger and more powerful. The more aliens you consume, the bigger you become, increasing your chances of survival and becoming the last UFO standing.