About Amogus.io

Welcome to Amogus.io, the place where you can find new ways to play classic games. Play with your friends and family in a hyper-casual 2D action arcade game inspired by some of the best mobile games ever made. Battle against other players online or challenge AI opponents in different game modes! Use a combination of crazy powerups, epic spells and well-timed combos to overcome your enemies and conquer their castles! This game is played with a virtual joystick that is connected to your phone. It handles all player input such as button presses, swipes and tilting gestures.


• Over 100 playable characters with unique powers

• 10 different stages each with unique challenges

• Three difficulty settings: Casual, Arcade and Real Time Multiplayer

• Leaderboards and achievements through Game Center integration

• Compete against players from around the world in real time battles for the top rank

• Different game modes such as Campaigns, Challenges or Survival rounds

• Battle against AI opponents in practice mode for free coins or play single player

HyperCasual games are games that are easy to learn, easy to play and may not be challenging. These games may be either casual or arcade based. There are many different types of HyperCasual games, but most fall under one of the following categories: Battle, Board Game, Card Game, Puzzle, Role Playing or Sports Games. The term HyperCasual is derived from the words ‘Hyper-', which means ‘over’ or ‘beyond' and ‘Casual'. Casual gaming is generally defined as a form of digital gaming that is designed to appeal to the broadest range of players possible. The goal in designing a Hyper-Casual game is to provide players with sufficient challenge while also making it simple enough that anyone can enjoy it irrespective of their level of experience or technical.

A game for the brave and the strong of heart! The world is under attack by evil creatures, it’s up to you to save humanity. Amogus.io is a simple arcade game where you have to fight hordes of monsters using only your bare knuckles! Fight off their attacks with punches, kicks and your trusty iron knuckle fists! It's going to be hard but if you can survive till the end and defeat every bad guy then you win! Surviving in any situation isn't easy especially when there are evil creatures trying to kill you. Spend some time with Amogus.io as this will help develop courage and strength of you. Good luck!

How to play Amogus.io

Touch screen on mobile device to control your character movement.

For desktop use mouse or keyboard (WASD / arrow keys).