About Animal.io

Animal.io: Unleash the Wild Fun in this Multiplayer Online Game

Welcome to Animal.io, the captivating and thrilling multiplayer online game where you get to control an adorable animal and battle it out on a platform! If you're looking for an exciting and competitive gaming experience, this game is tailor-made for you. Prepare to swing your tail, push others off the platform, and grow in size and strength as you feast on meat and hamburgers. It's a wild adventure where the objective is to eliminate enemies and emerge as the last animal standing!

Unlock Adorable Animals: A World of Variety

Animal.io offers a wide range of adorable animals for you to unlock and play with. Each animal has its unique traits and characteristics, adding variety and excitement to the gameplay. From furry critters to feathered friends, there's an animal for everyone's taste.

As you progress and achieve victories, you'll unlock more animals to choose from. Experiment with different animals and find the one that suits your playstyle best. The journey to unlock all the animals adds an additional layer of motivation and fun to the game.

Master the Controls: Joysticks and Tail Swinging

To navigate through the platform and swing your tail effectively, use the joysticks to move your animal in the desired direction. Timing and precision are crucial as you swing your tail to push opponents off the platform. Use the tab button to unleash your tail-swinging power and unleash chaos on your enemies.

The intuitive controls make the game accessible to players of all skill levels, whether you're a seasoned gamer or a first-time player.

Embrace the Animal.io Adventure

Are you ready to embrace the Animal.io adventure? Control your animal, swing your tail, and unleash wild fun in this exhilarating multiplayer online game. Battle it out with players from around the world, eliminate your enemies, and claim victory in the animal kingdom. Play Animal.io now and immerse yourself in a world of exciting challenges, adorable animals, and fierce competition!

How to play Animal.io

In Animal.io, you are in control of a cute animal on a platform with other players. Your mission is to push other animals off the platform using your tail. It's a fast-paced and intense battle to become the last animal remaining. To increase your size and strength, devour meat and hamburgers scattered on the platform. The meat will make you bigger, while hamburgers will add to the length of your tail.

But beware, not everything will work in your favor. Consuming mushrooms will make you smaller, but it will increase your speed, making you more agile and harder to catch. Strategize your moves, collect the right items, and use your swinging tail to dominate the platform and outsmart your opponents.