About Armyclash.io

Armyclash.io is a 1v1 autobattle game set in a medieval/fantasy world. In this game, players build an army that becomes stronger with each round and engage in battles against enemy armies to climb the ranking ladder. The game offers a thrilling and competitive experience for players who enjoy strategy and autobattle games.


How to play Armyclash.io

Controls Guide:

  • Use the mouse or touchscreen to control the game.
  • On mobile devices, you can tap and swipe to navigate and interact.

How to Play:

  • Start by building your army by selecting different units and formations.
  • Each round, your army will automatically battle against your opponent's army in a 1v1 showdown.
  • Watch as your units clash with the enemy forces, and strategize to defeat them.
  • The goal is to outmaneuver your opponent and emerge victorious in battle.
  • As you win battles, your army will grow stronger, allowing you to unlock more units and upgrades.
  • Climb the ranking ladder by defeating opponents and earning higher ranks.
  • Keep refining your strategy to build the ultimate army and become the top player in the game.

Game Features:

  • Engage in fast-paced 1v1 autobattles against other players.
  • Build and customize your army with various units and formations.
  • Watch the battles unfold in real-time as your units clash with the enemy forces.
  • Earn rewards and upgrades as you progress and win battles.
  • Climb the ranking ladder to prove your skills and dominate the battlefield.