Bandit RIP is an online cooperative shooting and fighting game. Choose a character from the world of bandits, then compete online against other players to become the best! There are 12 playable characters in the game at launch, and each has unique special moves! Do you possess what it takes to excel? Fighting games like Street Fighter and Smash Bros were the inspiration for this one, but you can also target your attacks with the mouse. There are six-player public lobbies where you can play against players from across the world. To play with friends, you can even establish a private lobby!


  • By pressing Left Click repeatedly, you can launch spam attacks.
  • Most projectiles can be dodged by quickly moving.
  • Holding Down Back will allow you to block assaults. Training Mode is highly advised before engaging in online play.

A / D = move left and right

W / S = move up and down

Space = dash

Left-click = attack

E / Q = change weapon

T = chat