About Betrayal io

Betrayal.io is a multiplayer social deduction game that shares similarities with popular games like "Among Us." In Betrayal.io, players take on roles as either crewmates or secret saboteurs known as "betrayers." The gameplay involves teamwork, deception, and deduction.

How to play Betrayal io

Here's a guide on how to play:

Game Objective:

  • In Betrayal.io, the primary objective of the game varies based on the player's role:
    • Crewmates: Crewmates must work together to complete all of their duties or tasks on the spaceship while identifying and voting out the betrayers among them.
    • Betrayers: Betrayers aim to sabotage the spaceship's operations without getting caught by the crewmates. They must deceive and eliminate crewmates without revealing their identity.


  • The controls in Betrayal.io typically involve simple on-screen touch controls, mouse clicks, or keyboard inputs, depending on the platform you're playing on.

How to Play:

  1. Join a Game: Start by joining a Betrayal.io game with other players. Games are usually set in a spaceship or space station theme, and each player is assigned a role as a crewmate or betrayer.

  2. Complete Tasks (Crewmates): If you're a crewmate, your main objective is to complete various tasks or duties around the spaceship. These tasks can include activities like fixing wires, calibrating instruments, or performing other routine operations. Your goal is to complete all your tasks and keep the spaceship operational.

  3. Sabotage (Betrayers): If you're a betrayer, you need to sabotage the spaceship's operations discreetly. This may involve disabling vital systems, locking doors, or causing chaos in the game. Your primary aim is to hinder the crewmates' progress and eliminate them without revealing your identity.

  4. Discussion and Voting: Throughout the game, players can call meetings to discuss any suspicious activities or interactions. During meetings, players can share information, suspicions, and their thoughts on who might be the betrayer. Crewmates can vote to eject a player they believe is the betrayer.

  5. Eliminations: If a player receives a majority of votes during a meeting, they are ejected from the spaceship. If the ejected player was a crewmate, the game continues. If a betrayer is ejected, the crewmates are one step closer to victory.

  6. Victory Conditions: The game's outcome depends on the actions of the players:

    • Crewmates: Crewmates win if they successfully complete all tasks without being eliminated by the betrayers or if they vote out all betrayers.
    • Betrayers: Betrayers win if they successfully sabotage the spaceship's operations or eliminate enough crewmates to hinder task completion.
  7. Strategy and Deception: Players must use strategy and deception to succeed. Crewmates need to communicate, deduce who the betrayers might be, and complete tasks efficiently. Betrayers must blend in, cause chaos, and eliminate crewmates discreetly.


Betrayal.io offers an exciting social deduction gaming experience. Players must work together, strategize, and use their deductive skills to identify betrayers or deceive other players. With two distinct roles and objectives, Betrayal.io creates an engaging environment for players to test their abilities and uncover the hidden betrayers.