About Bob The Robber 2

Bob the Robber is back! This time he’s going after the world’s most unsecure bank - a giant rocket about to blast off into space with an uncanny amount of gold locked inside of it. Once again you’ll be sneaking your way through this strange place, avoiding its security measures, breaking blocks, and collecting loot. While the first game focused on infiltration, this new version is all about escape! It won’t be easy though, because there will be many obstacles in your way. You’ll have to run fast and jump high. There will be traps to avoid and locks to crack. Keep an eye on that countdown timer too; if you don't make it out before take-off, you'll be trapped on board with the guards and their sniffing guard.

In this thrilling sequel, you will once again assume the role of Bob, an adventurous robber who is hell-bent on overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles to crack the secret vaults of the homes he’s infiltrating. This time around, Bob will have new challenges to face. His main objective is still to search for valuable items and steal them without getting caught. However, in his new adventure, he will have to explore larger environments and crack even trickier puzzles than before. If you love challenging platform games with puzzle elements or are just looking for a brand new experience, you will love what Bob the Robber 2 has in store.

In Bob The Robber 2, you play as a sly fox once again and explore another mysterious castle. You will have to sneak around and find keys to locked doors or find another way around them. And remember the more riches you steal, the better your final score will be! Keep an eye on those security cameras and listen for any alarms that may go off if they detect you. If you get caught by a guard, don’t panic. Be patient until they lose interest in you and look for a place to hide until they lose track of you again.

Bob the Robber Again is an online platform game. In this sequel, you have to explore again the mansion, collect again the treasures and avoid again the guards. But this time you won’t be alone; your friends will accompany you! Players can choose between 20 different characters with different abilities, look, and animations making each of them unique.

Sneak around, find hidden keys to open locked doors, collect coins to get new outfits, and stay out of sight of guards. You can also play as a guard in this fun stealth. Good luck!

How to play Bob The Robber 2

Use the keyboard to move.