About Bob the Robber 3

Bob, the intrepid robber is back for another round of stealth and robbery. This time he has to steal valuable items from a mansion without being caught by its inhabitants or the security guards. Things get tricky as there are several rooms with locked doors, security cameras, and patrolling guards making it almost impossible to conduct your business undetected.

In Bob The Robber 3 you have to sneak around, look for trapdoors, and secret passages and use different tricks to get inside the locked rooms undetected. The challenge increases with every new level and you have to keep your wits about you if you want to achieve success in this interactive strategy.

The mission of this game is to sneak around, break into different houses, hide from the guards, and find some valuable loot. Be careful not to get caught or you will have to start again. You can do that as many times as you like but be ready with your fingers.

There are no more easy targets as these rich houses have taken measures to avoid this happening again. But that won’t stop Bob, of course.

Bob the Robber 3 is an arcade game that tests your sneaking skills. You will have to sneak around, pickpocket, and steal things from people without getting caught. If you get caught once, you can try again until you succeed. It’s a fun, challenging game that will keep you coming back again. You have limited time to complete each level, so be fast and get out before anyone sees you. Good luck!

How to play Bob the Robber 3

Using Mouse