About Bob The Robber 4 Season 2: Russia

Bob the robber is back again. In this game, you have to help Bob rob the bank. But he needs your help to find the clues and crack the code to get inside. There are a lot of objects and puzzles waiting for you to solve them and get further in the game. You will need to find hidden objects, crack codes, and solve puzzles as you explore different locations like a library, sports store, spa, mechanic shop, hobby store, diner, theater, and much more. As you keep solving these puzzles and cracking codes you will also find coins that can be used later to buy helpful items such as lock pickers or books that give you hints on what to do next.

Once again, you will be presented with challenging levels. Your task is to explore houses, find hidden treasures and steal them all before the owners come home! Sounds easy? Well, it won’t be that easy this time! Players are given different roles at each level. You can either play as Bob the robber or one of his accomplices: Harry the Hacker, who can open locked doors; Wendy the Whistler, who can give you a signal when owners are coming back; or Stan the Spy, who can see through walls and find out if there are any traps.

Crack the safe, find treasure chests, and solve puzzles while avoiding guards as you play through challenging levels in this puzzle game. Work with a partner so you can trade tips on what to do next and team up to outsmart enemies in this two-player mode. Can you make it through all four seasons? Challenge your friend and see who can get further in this fun online.

In this season Bob has to rob money from houses again, but this time it’s not as easy. There are many new challenges for him: the houses are guarded and some of them even have cameras! Be ready to use all your strategy, logic, and thinking skills in order to help Bob do his job. Solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden objects, break locks, and more. Do everything you can in order to give Bob a helping hand so that he succeeds in his mission and finally gets his well-deserved.

Explore new locations, such as a Pirate Ship, a Haunted House, or even a Circus Tent. Get ready for lots of different challenges in this fourth season of Bob the Robber! Let’s see if you can outsmart your opponents once again… Are you ready to play? Let's get starting the game now!

How to play Bob The Robber 4 Season 2: Russia

Use arrows to control character, and follow on-screen instructions to use gadgets.