About Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure

Bob the Robber is back with a brand-new adventure! Once again, you will have to explore a series of challenging temples in search of valuable treasures. However, this time you won’t play as Bob yourself but take control of his trusty sidekicks instead. Each one of them has its own unique set of skills that they can use to get past various obstacles and traps. Guide your team members through all the temples to help Bob recover all his treasure and escape with it.

In order to crack the code, crack open the safe and retrieve the gem hidden inside. Unlike most other point-and-click games, this one is not just about solving logic puzzles; it’s also an awesome platformer. So get ready to embark on an exciting temple adventure as you explore ancient ruins, avoid traps, and fight guards along your way.

In this awesome point-and-click game, you need to help Bob find the lost treasure in a mysterious temple. Look for clues and solve puzzles to move ahead. Each level has a locked door that can be opened only by finding the combination of that lock. The challenging part is that you have limited clicks to find all the combinations and open all those locked doors.

You need to take your character through a series of temples with plenty of traps and locked doors. Use the objects you find to solve puzzles and get further in the game. Solve hidden puzzles, unlock secret doors, avoid traps, and much more! If you like this game, stay tuned for more excitement. Test your skills with this awesome platform game and help Bob the Robber get as many treasures as possible. Avoid traps, shoot arrows at hidden targets, activate switches, and much more. Good luck!

How to play Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure

Move Bob by using the arrow keys.

Press left to move left and press right to move right.

Use the up key to interact with coins or enemies.