About Bomb It 4

Bomb It 4, the fourth iteration of the amazing Bomberman-style game challenges you to put your bomb-dropping prowess to the test on a variety of challenging levels. The gameplay is the same as it was in earlier iterations; you control a single character and must navigate each level while dropping bombs in an effort to eliminate your adversaries without dying yourself.

You may truly personalize your avatar in this episode and dress them in a variety of hip clothing. Enjoy a number of new game modes, such as the co-op option where you may battle AI opponents with a friend. If you enjoy this game, you'll undoubtedly appreciate Bomb It 2. The gameplay is still entertaining. So give them each a shot!


  • Modifiable character attire
  • Brand-new maps with increased difficulty
  • Additional characters for gameplay akin to Bomberman

How to play Bomb It 4

Gamer 1 is in charge.

  • To move, press the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
  • To drop a bomb, press the space bar.

Gamer 2 is in charge.

  • Move with the arrow keys.
  • Enter to detonate a bomb.