About Bomb It 6

Bomb It 6, the sixth game in the Bomb It series, offers a wide variety of new game modes and difficulties. You must walk around each level and plant bombs to damage objects and remove other players and AI bots. The gameplay is the same and is based on the classic Bomberman series. You need to be careful not to hurt yourself because each bomb has a specific timer!

Choose from a variety of adorable and cool characters, then use them to wreak havoc on a variety of levels and themed maps. Arcade, battle royale, green zone, survive, and treasure trail is some of the game modes. The game is kept exciting and varied by these several modes; during treasure trail games, for instance, you have to blow up chests in order to gather gold coins. Launch bombs right now to unleash your destructive nature! Here, you can currently watch Bomb It 7.


  • 5 game modes
  • Playing a variety of characters
  • Smooth and adorable animations
  • Obtainable attire

How to play Bomb It 6

Single player controls

  • Move with the arrow keys
  • Action with the space bar

Gamer 1 is in charge (two-player game)

  • Move with WASD
  • Action with the space bar

Gamer 2 is in charge (two-player game)

  • Move with the arrow keys
  • Go into action