About Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper welcomes you with a thrilling battle. You are the only one who can fend off the approaching waves of the enemy and defend the fortress. Use your archery abilities to shoot at the soldiers, and for greater damage, toss ladders or fire barrels. You can engage in fights in the Castle Keeper. Ready to give it a try?

- Block waves of enemy strikes!

- Strengthen and improve your hero by upgrading him or her!

- Visit a variety of planets

- Take on terrifying bosses

- Protect your fortress!


- Lovely 3D graphics

- Strengthen your character to defeat large armies

- Protect your fortress from a plethora of different adversaries.

- A totally free game with engaging gameplay

- Simple-to-use controls

- Both children and adults

- A game for boys and girls

How to play Castle Keeper

Protecting the castle is the game's major objective. You must strengthen your character if you want to defeat the attackers. Your hero will be dispatched to defend the other castle after surviving all of the waves, where you will get new abilities and strengthen your strength.