About Deeeep.io

The addictive and challenging world of the deep is dangerous and ruthless. The sea is full of dangers like sharks, jellyfish, and other predators who will not spare the slightest hint of movement from you. But the danger doesn’t scare you do it? No, we are talking about how much can one’s heart be crushed by it before they realize that this world is not for them. That is where .io games come into play. You see, if you don’t have a profound love for the ocean, playing .io games may seem like your best shot at escaping its clutches forever.

Deeeep.io is an addictive .io game, take the role of a sea creature in this game and fight to survive in a world that is more ruthless than nature itself. You can either play against AI or compete with human players online! Fight through over 100 levels across 4 different worlds to become Deeep’s ultimate survivor!

In this epic io game, your job is to keep the ocean alive! Fight against other intruders who want to take over your planet. As soon as you see another ship approaching, attack them relentlessly until they retreat. But be aware that they will come back sooner or later. Once they reach your shores, you must defend yourself by building walls and turrets. If the invaders penetrate too deep into your territory, there might be no turning back…

Use WASD keys to control marine, STRG key attacks and mouse button fires projectile weapons. There are 5 playable characters and over 100 upgrades that help you deal with every situation on Deeep.io map.The developers say: “Just because it's an easy game doesn't mean there aren't reasons to replay it as well!

- Experience new locations with each playthrough

- Unlock new items so you can customize your character better

- Do well enough in single-player to unlock multiplayer (with different rules) which grants access to a whole new landscape ^^ Give it a try today!” Are you ready for the challenge?


How to play Deeeep.io

Your animal will wander to anywhere you point your cursor. If you click, animals with the ability to walk across islands will jump to them. When you're in the sea, clicking will give you a speed boost as long as your boost bar is full. Animals with special abilities will use these abilities instead of speeding up when the boost bar is full.