About Deep.io

Deep.io is a fascinating marine world IO game. Play a part as a marine resident and explore deep waters. You can start off in a game as a fish, blobfish, or worm, but you then have to develop your character into one of the more powerful and large marine monsters. You must swim across the water and consume light orbs or other players in order to be able to mutate; once you have accumulated enough experience points, your character will change into an alternate animal and advance in level.

Each animal in Deep IO has special skills and requirements. Don't just float around since creatures have to eat or get eaten by others. Some species can only survive deep underwater and ascending kills them. Others can burrow in the ground, poison their enemies, or turn invisible.

You only need to repeatedly smack an animal on the head to kill it and consume its remains. Only smaller players or players who are on the same level as you have a chance to win; members of the same species do not. The health bar is located above the other players; if the entire bar becomes red, the animal will perish. You will become 15% slower for 5 seconds after being struck by someone who is stronger than you. In addition, you must keep close attention to oxygen levels, temperature, and pressure levels; if any of these begin to fall, you are in danger.

How to play Deep.io

Using Mouse