About Devil Flip

Devil Flip is a ragdoll-based platform game where players aim to fall vertically from high platforms to marked areas on the ground. The game emphasizes customization through the purchase of special items using a money-saving feature. It's designed to be suitable for all age groups, providing an enjoyable experience as players descend from victorious platforms.

How to play Devil Flip

Key Features:

  1. Ragdoll Physics: The game likely features ragdoll physics, making the character move in a flexible and dynamic manner.

  2. Platform Descending: Players might descend from high platforms, possibly with the goal of reaching marked areas on the ground.

  3. Customization: The game allows customization, possibly through the purchase of special items. This customization aspect can enhance the gameplay experience.

  4. Money Saving Feature: The mention of a "money saving feature" suggests an in-game economy or currency system, allowing players to earn and spend money.


  • The primary goal seems to be descending from platforms successfully, possibly reaching specific marked areas.


  • The game is described as suitable for all age groups, indicating a family-friendly experience.

For detailed information about controls, gameplay mechanics, and how to play Devil Flip, I recommend checking the following sources:

  1. Official Website: Visit the official website of "Devil Flip" for documentation, guides, or controls information provided by the developers.

  2. App Store or Google Play: If "Devil Flip" is available on mobile devices, you can check the app store page for information on controls and gameplay.

  3. Social Media Channels: Explore the official social media channels associated with the game. Developers often share tips, guides, and updates through platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

  4. Forums and Community Discussions: Check gaming forums or communities where players discuss their experiences. You might find player-generated guides or tips on how to play.

  5. In-Game Tutorial or Help Section: Launch the game and check for an in-game tutorial or help section. Developers often include information on controls and gameplay within the game itself.