About Diep.io

Diep.io is a crazy survival shooting game. Players must command their own circle, which is armed with a deadly cannon. The aim is simple - move around the map and eliminate all incoming enemies by shooting them. Just beware of your surroundings and other players as you try to break free from the tentacles that are attempting to capture you!

The game has multiple maps with different layouts. Players can also play against AI or team up with other players via player matchmaking. To make this title even better there are 4 different vehicles to unlock and use on each of the four maps. Once you have unlocked all of these vehicles you can use them at anytime outside of upgrading periods for free! To help balance out the gameplay there is an anti-gripping system that will destroy your base if you get too many in one place for extended periods of time. If you like action packed games that require quick reactions then this game might just be for you!

The game offers more than 30 different weapons in-game, each with a unique ability. Players can also modify these weapons through blueprints they acquire throughout the course of play.

In order to progress and survive longer, players will need to work together in teams and find ways to overcome any situation that may arise. However, in doing so, teamwork and trust will be tested as alliances will become strained due to competing interests.

With plenty of gameplay modes available such as Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing and Base Destruction, there’s something for everyone in this game!

How to play Diep.io

Use the WASD keys to move your tank around, and your mouse to aim and shoot.