About Dodgeball.io

Dodgeballs.io is an io game that puts a twist on the classic game of dodgeball. In this Agar.io-styled game, you control a colored blob surrounded by smaller blobs. The objective is to dodge incoming balls while trying to eliminate other players by hitting them with balls. Here's a guide on the controls and how to play:

How to play Dodgeball.io


  • Movement: Use the mouse to move your blob around the playing area.

  • Throw Ball: Left-click or press the spacebar to throw a ball in the direction of your cursor.

  • Dash: Right-click or press the W key to perform a quick dash in the direction of your cursor.

  • Split: Press the E key to split your blob into two smaller blobs. (Some versions of the game may not have this feature.)

How to Play:

  1. Start as a Blob:

    • When you enter the game, you'll start as a colored blob among many others in the playing area.
  2. Dodge Incoming Balls:

    • Other players will throw balls at you, so you must dodge them to avoid getting hit.
  3. Throw Balls at Opponents:

    • Aim your cursor at other players and left-click or press spacebar to throw a ball at them.
    • Hit opponents with balls to eliminate them from the game.
  4. Collect Balls:

    • When you eliminate an opponent, they will drop their balls.
    • Move over these balls to collect them and increase your ammo.
  5. Use Dash for Evasion:

    • Perform a quick dash by right-clicking or pressing the W key.
    • Use this dash to evade incoming balls or to quickly reposition yourself.
  6. Watch Out for Larger Blobs:

    • Larger blobs are slower but have more health.
    • Smaller blobs are faster but have less health.
    • Use your size to your advantage, whether it's dodging or attacking.
  7. Eliminate Other Players:

    • Your goal is to eliminate as many players as possible.
    • The last player standing wins the round.
  8. Strategize Your Moves:

    • Think tactically about when to throw balls and when to dodge.
    • Consider splitting your blob into smaller blobs to cover more ground or create diversions. (If available in the version you're playing.)
  9. Collect Power-Ups (if available):

    • Some versions of "Dodgeballs.io" may feature power-ups that provide advantages.
    • Look out for these power-ups and use them strategically.
  10. Survive and Dominate:

    • The game can be fast-paced and chaotic, so stay alert and nimble.
    • Survive the onslaught of balls and outmaneuver your opponents to become the last blob standing.