About Drawaria.online

Drawaria.online is the most popular new word-guessing game with over 33 million players worldwide. In this fast-paced, irreverent party game, friends compete as partners and teammates against each other in a battle of drawing skills and wits. Players take turns drawing and guessing different phrases on a common theme. The catch? Everyone can see an image at the same time so you must use your smarts to discern what’s being drawn from limited visual cues. It’s tricky but also totally hilarious!

Drawaria is a free online drawing playground with social networking features where you can meet new people and make friends from all over the world. Here, you can create your own avatar, design your personal room and interact with other users by playing games like Guess the Word. Uno, Memory, or Hangman. You’ll also be able to dress up your avatar and share it with other users in the virtual dressing room. If you like to draw and have a creative mind then Drawaria is the perfect place for you.

You can guess words while playing, but also solve riddles and puzzles to help your team win the game! It's just like in real life: communication is key. If you don’t communicate well with your team members, you’ll lose the game! If you love art and challenges, you'll have so much fun here! There are many great features waiting for you to explore.

This is the funniest and craziest avatar-based game ever! You’ll find yourself jumping, running, and drawing to uncover hidden words from the boxes. Challenge your friends and see if you can find them all. With each correct guess, your score will go up. With each wrong answer, it will go down. Be quick as time is not on your side! Are you ready for this crazy? Let's start playing!

How to play Drawaria.online

Left mouse button: Draw

Right mouse button: Erase

Mouse wheel: Change brush size

Keyboard to chat