About Drednot.io

Drednot.io is an aerial warfare IO game with 2D graphics that involves building and piloting flying battleships in a team-based setting. The game allows players to craft and customize their ships, engage in aerial combat, and compete for leaderboard supremacy.

How to play Drednot.io

Game Overview:

  • Genre: IO, Aerial Warfare.
  • Objective: Build and pilot flying battleships, engage in combat, and climb the leaderboard.
  • Gameplay: Team-based ship construction and aerial combat.

How to Play:

  1. Access the Game: Launch the game in a web browser or on a compatible gaming platform.
  2. Join a Team: Collaborate with other players to build and pilot a flying battleship.
  3. Build Your Ship: Customize your battleship by adding turrets, crafting items, and enhancing its capabilities.
  4. Pilot Your Ship: Take control of your ship, man turrets, and engage in aerial warfare.
  5. Crafting: Use a fabricator to craft new items for your ship, such as ammo, shield boosters, and ship embiggeners.
  6. Gather Materials: Shoot at bots (large red circles) to obtain materials for crafting.
  7. Manage Resources: Stock up on ammo, shield boosters, and other essential items for your battleship.
  8. Control Turrets: Some turrets can be controlled manually, and others can be aimed and fired from the helm.

Controls Guide:

  • Movement: Use WASD and Space to move your ship.
  • Grab Ammo: Click on a box of ammo, then click on your turrets to load them.
  • Drop Items: Press Q to drop items.
  • Crafting: Utilize the fabricator to craft new items for your ship.
  • Piloting: Click on the orange helm wheel to pilot your ship. Zoom in and out with scrolling or by pressing C.
  • Turret Control: Manually control turrets for precise aiming and firing.
  • Exiting Helm: Press Space to exit the helm.

Team Management:

  • Use the "Team Manager" menu to control who gets to join your ship.


  1. Team Collaboration: Work closely with your team to build a formidable battleship.
  2. Craft Strategically: Prioritize crafting items that suit your playstyle and strategy.
  3. Resource Management: Stock up on resources to ensure your battleship is well-equipped.
  4. Aim for Bots: Shoot at bots to gather materials for crafting.
  5. Piloting Skills: Hone your piloting skills to maneuver effectively in combat.