About Drift Boss

Drift Boss is an endless 3D racing game with a twist. It has the same gameplay as you would expect from any other racing game, but with a cognitive twist. You need to use your strategic mind to beat the AI and go through different checkpoints on the track. We have made sure that each and every track in This amazing game has its own unique feel and rhythm, so you won’t get bored quickly - even though if you fail and crash over and over again. The game is suitable for all ages as it only requires a bit of strategic mind but no physical skills. The graphics are also very light so it runs smoothly on most devices without draining their batteries too.

This amazing game is a hyper-casual 3D drift racing game that challenges your cognitive abilities in fast-paced, time-restricted races. You are the Boss of the underground drift scene, and you must prove yourself by beating the best drivers one by one. Each driver has a unique weakness that you must uncover to beat them and move on to the next stage. You will be tested on five different areas: target identification, perception of motion, pattern recognition, focus, and memory. Each level is timed so you don’t have time to think or plan ahead – you need to react immediately as new situations arise.

Drift Boss is an endless 3D racing game and new take on the Hypercacual genre. With a unique blend of set tracks, checkpoints and procedural handcrafted tracks, This one is unlike any other racing game you’ve played before. This one combines the dynamic arcade racing of games like or, with the technical precision and memorization of games like or. But that’s not it! On top of all this, This one adds a layer of strategy with its own meta-game, progression system and leaderboard. Are you ready to start your drift career?

In This game you race against the clock to beat your personal high score. Each track has its own unique set of challenges and will test your car drifting skills to the limit. In order to keep up with the pace while playing This one, you’ll need to be quick on your feet! Let's get play game now!

How to play Drift Boss

Using Mouse

Drift left and right with good timing