About DuckPark.io

Duck Park is the most challenging racing game! It’s not easy to race and win. You have to be thinking fast and driving skillfully to finish all levels in this game. Race 8 unique duck characters, each with their own characteristics and abilities. Upgrade your car to unlock new features and more racers. Challenge yourself every time you play with different levels, tracks, cars, and more for an infinite racing experience.

The game offers various gameplay modes that will keep you entertained for hours at a stretch:

- Career Mode: Play as one of 8 unique duck characters from Amnesia to Superheroine. Complete dozens of challenging levels by racing through the park and avoiding obstacles along the way. Level rewards increase as you progress through the main story arc of the game (starts at level 1). Challenges are also present along your way which can be completed once you reach that level or before starting a new level (either try to beat your best time or complete a specific number of laps).

- Arcade Mode: Play casually against random opponents or compete against friends in head-to-head races on 3 different map layouts (parallel track, intersection track, street track) in this single-player mode. Each layout has its own set of AI racers which are designed specifically to provide you with a fair challenge each time you play. Winning rewards are given based on your performance: higher scores give more rewards than lower ones so keep trying till you perfect your technique!

Duck Park io is an HTML5 game. It is an io racing game. You must pass through all the levels and unlock new cars. The goal of this game is to overtake your opponent and reach the finish line first. Drive your car as fast as you can through each level without hitting anything or crashing. If you love driving games, then you will surely enjoy this one!

This game is basically like a combination of Angry Birds and Super Mario Bros, plus some other game elements. The game has many levels, each with its own theme and challenges. It is really fun to play and the best part is that it is completely free. Have fun!

How to play DuckPark.io

A or left arrow key = steer to the left

D or right arrow key = steer to the right