About EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)

Evoworld.io is an HTML5 game, where you are the manager of an Alien Bug Zoo. Your goal is to keep the bugs happy and healthy so they don't escape. To do that sometimes you will have to feed them, take care of their needs and sometimes even let them out for a short amount of time. The game has 7 different locations. Every location has different bugs, conditions, and levels throughout it all. In this game, you will need to manage your Bug Zoo like a boss! Keep track of your guests, feed them when they are hungry and let them out whenever they want to fly. You need to build your bug zoo from the beginning with basic bugs until you unlock the top level which has the most expensive bugs around. Let's build your own Bug Zoo!

This amazing game is a side-scrolling platform game with a unique world that has been saved by the amazing Evo that is not to be named it's very important for Evo to continue his mission and research new things in order to save humanity again from an incredible hybrid being created by the Evo to continue his mission as he foresaw your creation thousands of years only purpose in life is to destroy every evildoer that appears on earth before you become fully mature and ready for another do so, you must explore different lands, collect resources, build shelters and grow stronger so that you can outrun evildoers.

There are various farms with different animals and you will earn cash by selling the eggs from these animals at the market. Try to build up a large farm with many buildings so that it becomes easier for you to manage all of the livestock. More animals means more money, right? If you have difficulty keeping them healthy, it’s time for you to start using some of these farming tools. Have fun!

How to play EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)

WASD to move around

Left click to fly