About Flappy Bird .io

Flappy Bird.io is the most played game right now, your goal is to push the button to assist the bird in overcoming obstacles. Obtain the game's best score.

Learn more about the.io game Flappy Bird, one of the most well-known in recent years. This captivating game will keep you coming back for more because of its fantastic graphics and audio. The click button must be used skillfully for Flappy Bird to navigate the perilous water pipes ahead and through all of the game's levels. Clicks have an impact on Flappy Bird, thus you must click more than once to keep him from falling to the ground when you release the button. In this thrilling game, how far will you advance and how many points will you score?

Game Tips

  • To move the bird as far as possible, click at the proper moment!


  • Vivid pictures that are constantly changing
  • A single control button
  • An everlasting quest for knowledge
  • To break the record, achieve the highest score.

How to play Flappy Bird .io

Using the mouse left click to fly