About Gartic.io

Gartic.io is an HTML5 multiplayer game with art. Each player has his own world and is given a tree as his first token. This game is a multiplayer online game for artists. Join now and become a famous artist!

At your first login, you will get the option to create your own avatar that will represent you in the game. Every player starts as an apprentice, who can go through training challenges to become a journeyman or even an expert artist. Share your drawings with friends, follow their updates, and compete with them while rising in the ranks of the art world. Once you’ve created your character, you will be able to join different competition rooms and win points for your team by placing well in them. You can also invite friends to play on your team.

This is a drawing game, where you will have to draw various objects on your screen using the mouse or your finger. You can team up with other players to work together and beat levels, or compete against them in fast-paced PVP battles. You don’t need any artistic skills to play Gartic.io – but even if you don’t think you’re good at drawing, it will be fun for you anyway. See how many points you can get from other players by checking out their drawings and helping them improve their it.

Each player has 5 colored pencils and their goal is to discover hidden drawings in the big world by using their imagination and transforming each tile into something beautiful. You need to find other players to see their drawings, and together you will create the biggest masterpiece! As a game with friends, you can play This game alone or with your friends by sending them an invitation link, like a WhatsApp group call. Invite your friend, draw together and have fun! Let's play Gartic.io now!

How to play Gartic.io

Left click to choose a color and drag left mouse button to draw.