About Gold Tower Defense

Gold Tower Defense game, in this tower defense game, you must place a tower in a specific spot to defend the gold against monster attacks. The game is played from a top-down view. You start with a single tower and must build it up by placing upgrades and placing towers. Each upgrade provides a new ability to the tower, such as extra health, increased attack power, or faster movement speed. You must also place towers strategically to defend the gold that is being attacked by monsters. If a tower is destroyed, the gold it was protecting is lost.

There are many different types of monsters that can attack your gold. Some are stronger than others and can cause more damage to the gold. Some monsters can only be destroyed by towers that have been placed in the correct locations. Other monsters can only be destroyed by certain types of towers.

There are also many different types of upgrades that you can place on your towers to help defend your gold. Some upgrades provide extra health, while others provide extra attack power or movement speed. Some upgrades even provide special abilities for the tower itself, such as extra health or extra attack power. Have fun!

How to play Gold Tower Defense

[PC] left, right, up, down key + enter key

Supported mouse

[Mobile] Touch