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This is it. This will be my final post here on Brain Pickings. Should you still be reading this, it’s because you’ve made it this far and you value your sanity above all else. I was leading a very exciting life as a science journalist in the early 2000s. I was working for The National Geographic, where I helped bring you articles like " 10 Things You Can Buy That Battle FEAR." And then the internet threw me out of work for six months. It wasn't exactly fair, but at least it gave me time to figure out what I wanted to do next. I ended up moving from New York to Columbia, Missouri, and starting my own blog, BrainPickings. For about three years straight I wrote about everything from weightlifting to Canselian philosophy (which is actually another thing). But then something changed. Something inside me started heritage raping cultures and their food for profit. Cultures that were once slaves no longer service me but are now my friends. And now here I am at BrainPickings, with an archive as vast as space and time itself, documenting the evolution of everything from ice cream to maple syrup in North America (yum!). This has not been an easy journey but one I’m incredibly happy to have headed down – not only have so many people come together through the arts and culture community on BrainPickings but also because I’ve been able to explore new

We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”,but what does that actually mean? define a picture as an image in writing or speech: A brief sketch or arrangement of concepts or objects that gives an overall impression. A portrayal of someone or something through suitors and rivals; an idealized view. A detailed description of something in detail. An object designed to represent a person, place, thing, etc., as opposed to actual images being used for other reasons. Well, it’s about time we broke down that saying and applied it

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