About Harvest.io

Harvest.io seems to be a farming simulator io game where players drive a tractor around a field to harvest crops. The objective appears to involve managing a growing fodder trailer while avoiding accidents.


How to play Harvest.io

Here's a summarized guide on how to play:

  1. Driving the Tractor:

    • Use the controls to drive a tractor around the game field.
  2. Harvesting Crops:

    • Approach and harvest crops by driving over them with the tractor.
  3. Fodder Trailer:

    • As you harvest crops, your fodder trailer will grow in size.
    • Managing the increasingly larger trailer becomes a key challenge.
  4. Avoiding Accidents:

    • Navigate carefully to avoid accidents with obstacles or other players.
  5. Competing with Others:

    • Since it's an io-style game, there may be other players on the field.
    • Compete with them for resources and aim to have the largest fodder trailer.
  6. Growth and Difficulty:

    • The game may become more challenging as your trailer grows.
    • Balancing speed and size becomes crucial for success.
  7. Leaderboard and Objectives:

    • The game may include a leaderboard to track your progress.
    • Achieve objectives, earn points, and compete for a top position.
  8. Strategic Gameplay:

    • Develop strategies for efficient crop harvesting and trailer management.

Remember, this is a general guide based on the information provided. The actual gameplay and features may vary, so check for in-game tutorials or community discussions for more detailed instructions and strategies.