About Hexanaut.io

Hexanaut.io is an action-adventure platform game where players control a character from one of many different classes and races that fight for their nation against the evil forces of science. It was developed by a Swedish development team and released in 2003 as a free online game on the Internet. It has since been ported to various platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and BlackBerry smartphone and tablet devices.

This game is called Hexanas, it's a platformer with elements of RPG and shoot 'em ups. It was originally released back in 2011 as an arcade game, but it has since been made available to users of the internet via the Google Play app store. The players take on the role of a past protagonist named Sheppard Hexanaudio who must fight his way through 20 levels in this game.

The gameplay is very similar to other platformers, such as Mario by example, except you are not running around shooting people at every opportunity but instead taking on various quests that take you from island home to island temple to temple. There is also a single-player mode which can be played alone or with another player if your computer can handle it. The graphics in this game are quite simple and there isn't much else about it for the eye either. What makes HexanaSapphire so great though is that you can play this game offline (without playing online) and experience one of the best games ever made!

How to play Hexanaut.io

Using Mouse