About Idle Miner Space Rush

Idle Miner: Space Rush let with Discover the mystery of Miner World and fight competition in asteroid mining simulation with your friends.

In Idle Miner: Space Rush, you play as a miner heading to the space station to deliver ore to be processed into metal for production. You have three days to journey through space to collect as much metal as possible from asteroids. Make use of unlimited resources by building spacecraft and upgrading your equipment with greater capacity, power and speed. Each moonstone you collect is worth one point, and you can only get points if you are mining at the right time. With an engaging storyline and more than 30 efficiently-designed levels, Idle Miner: Space Rush is a great game for players of all.

You can also buy upgrades to make your mining rig more efficient. These upgrades can be used to increase your mining rate, increase the number of moonstones you can collect, and even increase your score.

There are also other players in the game who can help you out by giving you extra points for each moonstone you collect.

The game is played in a 2-player mode and a 3-player mode. In both modes, players can play against each other or against AI opponents.

There is also a leaderboard in the game that shows how many players are playing and how well they are doing against other players.


How to play Idle Miner Space Rush

WASD or arrow keys to move