About Join The Gang

Join The Gang appears to be an open-world action-adventure game developed by Gameashlar. It seems to have a diverse range of gameplay elements, including street fights, mafia deals, action missions, boxing, city driving, and an open-world environment with racing challenges and collectibles. The game is designed to provide ongoing content with extra missions added through updates and seasons, along with limited-time events.

How to play Join The Gang

Key Features:

  1. Open World Exploration: Explore a detailed open world with various missions and adventures.

  2. Gang Warfare: Engage in street fights, mafia deals, and other criminal activities.

  3. Mission Variety: Experience different types of missions, including six-gun action, fight-night boxing, city driving, and more.

  4. Seasonal Updates: Extra missions and limited-time events are added with each update and season, providing fresh content.

  5. Racing Challenges: Navigate the open world with various vehicles, facing challenges and enemies.

  6. Collectibles: Search for various collectible points scattered throughout the city.

  7. Challenging Enemies: Face enemies who chase and shoot you during challenging missions.


  • Objective: Fight for the final prize, complete different missions, and survive in an environment filled with criminal activities.

  • Adventures: Experience real-time adventures with an ongoing storyline.

  • Street Fights: Engage in fights with other gangs, navigate the city, and participate in various events.