About KingdomzIO

Kingdomzio is a logical game where you need to use strategy and a logical mind to defeat your enemies. The game is based on Battle Logic, You need to plan well before attacking the enemy base. This game will challenge your tactical skills and strategic thinking. It has many different types of enemies trying to get you out of their bases and attack you from theirs.

Play with friends in multiplayer mode or offline against AI opponents. Using your mouse draw lines to connect two bases that are on opposite sides of the map. Connecting two bases will make them allies, but connecting the third base without any other unconnected bases left connected creates an alliance between them. This also creates alliances between unconnected enemies if they're all connected with no unconnected enemy left as well!

Connecting new enemies creates additional allied connections between them as well! If an enemy covers one side of their base they’re considered a defender and are unable to be attacked by any player who isn’t an ally of the player who controls that side of the base (that's because you have already taken all the other possible attack routes).

In order to beat this game, you need logical thinking and strategic planning. Keep playing to improve your skill level and unlock new heroes with various special powers that can give you an edge in the battle against AI or your.

This amazing game is a Kingdom Building Strategy Game with Elements of Multiplayer Battle and Logic! Follow the epic story of The This game and battle against hordes of other players to rise to the top of the leaderboards! Build your Kingdom, collect resources, build towns and settlements, train troops, and build castles and defenses to protect your people and territory. Strategize your moves wisely as The enemies will not be so kind.

You can play this game in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode against your friends or other players. In multiplayer mode, you can choose to be either an attacker or a defender. Attackers are those who attack their opponents and Defenders are those who have to defend themselves from being attacked by their opponents. They have to protect their lands from being taken over by the attackers. This game is free to play but some in-app purchases may be required for it. The principle of the game stays pretty simple at first sight but can get pretty tricky towards the end when there are too many things happening all at once. If you like strategic games with lots of challenges then Kingdomzio is definitely worth checking.

How to play KingdomzIO

Use the left mouse button to select a line.