About Limax.io

Welcome to the world of Limax.io! You are a tiny snake, and your goal is to grow as big as you can. To do this, you must eat other snakes, but watch out – they may attack you.

The classic snake game with a new twist! Get ready to battle other opponents in an arena and grow as big as you can. But watch out for the traps and other players, or you’ll get slimed! To win, collect all the golden apples in each level, leaving none for your opponents. Ready to take the challenge? Players are challenged to grow their snake as big as possible by eating apples scattered throughout the arena. Be careful though, because there are also traps that can slow down your enemies and make them easy targets. Try your best to dodge traps and strike at the right moment.

An arena filled with snakes, where your only objective is to grow as big as possible. Be aware of other players and their locations at all times to avoid being caught by them. Capture smaller snakes by cornering them and devouring them whole. Beware of the bigger ones though, they might be able to take you down if you are not careful enough. Start playing now and see how big you can? Have fun!

How to play Limax.io

Move your mouse to control the snake's movement direction. Use the left mouse button or space to accelerate.