About Lordz2.io

Become a Lord and rule your own lands, settlements or even an entire kingdom! In this game, you will play the role of Lordz2.io, a young lord who must defend his land from evil invaders. You must build towers, walls and other defensive structures in order to stop the enemy from attacking. Use your strategy to defeat everyone that dares to cross into your lands.

Make your own laws and taxes, hire administrators to handle the day-to-day affairs of your citizens. Build farms and workshops to produce goods for trade. Develop roads and buildings to improve accessibility and increase production capacities. Construct watchtowers, lighthouses, military forts and more to defend against invading enemies. Construct houses for NPCs who will act as your vassals or advisors. Conscript soldiers from among your vassals to serve in one of several different military units with various specialities such as archers, axe men, cavalrymen, etc. Construct castles; defensive structures that can house soldiers, provide training facilities and act as a base of operations against invasions. Battle other players or computer controlled opponents with automated turn-based combat sequences.

King, Queen or Knave? Choose your character and fight against your rival players in this epic medieval adventure! Clash with other players in epic battles and prove that you are the best king of the realm! Make strategic decisions to win as many battles as possible and upgrade your kingdom to become even greater than before. Recruit soldiers, construct buildings and train warriors to help you win each battle.

You must be clever to stay on top in this strategy-packed world of Kings! Battle through epic dungeons, collect rare artifacts and defeat fearsome bosses to unlock new lands for your kingdom and conquer them all! Master over 100 spells, bonuses and abilities to outsmart your enemies at every turn. Get ready to grow from a tiny village into a mighty kingdom - See how far you can get in this medieval strategy.

How to play Lordz2.io

CONTROLS W,A,S,D or Mouse control : Movement

Click anywhere: Attack the nearest building

Click on a building: Attack this building E or Right Click: Activate Power Space: Split

B: Build Menu, U: Units Menu,

F: Formation Menu,

Y: Units Upgrades Menu,

V: Rewarded Videos Menu,

C: Change Formation,

M: Show Mini Map,

L: Show Leaderboard

Enter: Open Chat

Esc: Pause Menu