About Nend.io

Get a job or eat out of the trash. Sleep in a squatting area or buy a house. Enjoy yourself, but remember to acquire a decent replacement for the nursery because time passes and you get older!

HOW TO PLAY for Cash:

• Use computers, the lab, or the CEO's office.

• Remove debris and ground excrement from the floor.

• Locate cash on the ground

• Invest in real estate to earn commissions. You will make more money if a building is used more frequently by other gamers.

• Kill the wealthy.


• Computer expertise: If you choose to work with computers, you'll make more money.

• Broom skill: If you choose to sweep the floor, you'll clean it more quickly and make more money.

• Use negotiation to reduce costs and increase commissions • Strengthen yourself.

• Be more rapid.

• Wallet: Boost your stock

• Research ability: If you choose to work in a laboratory, you will be paid more and have a better chance of discovering food in the trash.

• Mood, Food, Sleep, and Toilet: Reduce your speed.


• Purchase food from a vending machine or a store.

• Examine the waste.


• Spend the night in a home or squat on a bed.


• Sing and dance in the club

• Purchase attire

• Visit a hair salon

• Consume chocolate and candy.

• When you have three to five points in the Broom skill, clean the ground.


Visit a club, the CEO's office, a home, or a squatters area. Buy a baby when you're elderly (for more than $1,000). Get a baby bottle, some toys, and put him in a cradle to fill your gauges when you return back to life.

How to play Nend.io

Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys Hit: Left click Interact: E Throw an item away: Right click Map: M