About Ninja.io

Ninja.io is a new multiplayer game in which you need to use physics in order to survive. The idea is simple: you and your friends must stay alive as long as possible while running through an endless maze. You will have different weapons at your disposal, such as guns, chainsaws, or even swords. Your enemies will also have weapons and they’ll do their best just to kill you.

The gameplay is pretty simple and there aren’t really any strategies or tactics that can win you the game. It’s all about reflexes and spatial intelligence, but at the end of the day it all comes down to luck too :). As for the map, well we only have one so far but with tons of levels being developed by our amazing community we hope this game won't be limited anytime.

It’s time to get your friends together, and play some fantastic Ninja.io! This HTML5 game is a combination of your favorite games: It’s like the classic tower defense games meets the new amazing mobile gaming with physics. In this game you have to protect the village from enemies by placing different weapons along the path that they will take. Each weapon has its own strength and weakness so you need to use them wisely. There are also many traps such as : spike pits, fire pits, poison pits, and electric fields that can slow down enemies or outright kill they.

The Ninja is a character with great speed and agility, who is armed with a variety of deadly throwing weapons. The Ninja can be used to kill the enemy and end the game. This game includes :

- More than 20 weapons: Cutting weapons, Blunt weapons, Throwing weapons, Paired Weapons etc.

- 3 Levels each with their own challenges and traps

- 50 Stages in total: The first level you will play as a little Ninja against 10 Enemies; the later levels are harder as they are longer and have more Enemies with higher smarter.

Have fun playing the game!

How to play Ninja.io

AD or left/right arrow to move

W or up arrow to jump

X to prone V to display the Leaderboard

E to throw a grenade

Q to swap weapon

Left click to shoot

Right click to fly