About NoobCraft

NoobCraft is an engaging game that challenges players to speedrun through various levels, showcasing their parkour skills. With an emphasis on completing maps quickly and collecting valuable loot, players can compete with friends and aim for high scores.

How to play NoobCraft


  1. Speedrunning Levels: Players aim to speedrun through 10 different maps, each increasing in difficulty. The goal is to complete the levels as quickly as possible.

  2. Parkour Skills: Success in NoobCraft relies on the player's parkour abilities. Jumping through blocks and avoiding pitfalls is essential to progressing through the levels.

  3. Competitive Element: Players have the opportunity to compete with friends by sharing their scores. Achieving the fastest completion times adds a competitive edge to the game.

  4. Emerald Chests: Collect chests filled with emeralds scattered throughout the levels. These chests contribute to the player's loot and overall score.

  5. Showcasing Talent: NoobCraft allows players to showcase their talent by conquering increasingly challenging maps. The game rewards precision, speed, and effective parkour maneuvers.


  • Utilize keyboard controls or on-screen touch controls for movement, jumping, and navigating through the levels.

Objective: The main objective of NoobCraft is to speedily complete 10 different maps, demonstrating parkour skills and avoiding obstacles. Collecting emerald chests along the way contributes to the player's loot and overall score. The competitive element encourages players to challenge themselves and compete with friends for the fastest completion times.

Loot Collection: At the end of each level, players open a chest to collect loot. The loot may include emeralds and other rewards, adding to the player's overall progression.