PIXELS FIGHTING created by Butternut Pawpaw using Tynker, as it appears to be a user-generated project on the Tynker platform. The controls and gameplay of such a project would be determined by the coding and design choices made by the creator.


Controls (Sample Controls - May Vary Depending on the Game):

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: These keys are often used for character movement. For example, pressing the right arrow key or "D" key could make your character move right, while the up arrow key or "W" key could make them jump.

  • Spacebar or Click: This key or action might be used for attacking or performing actions in the game.

  • ESC or P: These keys could be used for pausing the game or accessing the in-game menu.

How to Play (Sample Gameplay - May Vary Depending on the Game):

  1. Character Selection: Players might start by selecting a character from a roster of fighters.

  2. Objective: Understand the objective of the game. In a fighting game, it could be to defeat all opponents, achieve a certain score, or complete specific challenges.

  3. Movement and Actions: Use the controls to move your character around the game's environment and perform actions. This might include attacking opponents, defending, or dodging enemy attacks.

  4. Opponents and Challenges: Encounter opponents or challenges that you need to overcome. In a fighting game, this could involve battles with AI-controlled or player-controlled opponents.

  5. Health and Lives: Monitor your character's health or lives. When health runs out, you may lose a life or the game.

  6. Power-Ups and Items: Some games include power-ups or items that can boost your character's abilities or provide advantages during battles.

  7. Level Progression: If the game has multiple levels or stages, progress through them by defeating opponents and overcoming challenges. Each level may introduce new opponents or obstacles.

  8. Winning Conditions: Achieve the game's winning conditions, which could include defeating all opponents, reaching a specific score, or completing a final challenge.

Since "PIXELS FIGHTING" is a user-generated project on Tynker, the specific details of the controls and gameplay would depend on how Butternut Pawpaw designed the game using Tynker's tools and coding elements. If you have access to the project, you can explore its code and design to understand how it works and how to play it. Tynker is a platform that allows users to learn coding by creating their own interactive projects and games, so you may find valuable learning experiences within the project itself.