About Powerline.io

Play the multiplayer.io game Powerline.io as a bright line of energy. You and other Powerlines are engaged in electric combat in a large arena. Take their energy crystals to grow larger by destroying them.

How to play Powerline.io


It's difficult to survive as a single line of electricity, but that's what this game is all about. Similar to Snake, you lose if you move head-first into another player, the border, or yourself. You must set up traps that cause other players to collide with you head-on if you want to collect those tasty energy crystals and become the supreme Powerline. After that, you can use their unused energy to grow larger and score more points.


Maintain your battle for energy crystals to advance to a higher form. You can keep growing indefinitely as long as you can survive, but if you make it to the top of the scoreboard, you will rule over all electricity. You are known as the king among all the other hungry Powerlines, Someone might try to kill you, the monarch, and drain you of all your energy.


You get a rush of electricity when you're near other powerlines that you can use to boost. The increase occurs more quickly the longer you can stay close to another Powerline. You can use it to gain an advantage over other players and trap them if you're quick.