PRISON ESCAPE is an adventure game where players take on the challenge of escaping from a heavily guarded prison. The game involves utilizing tactical criminal skills to dodge security guards and execute a successful prison escape. For the most accurate information about controls, specific gameplay mechanics, and any additional features, it's recommended to check the in-game instructions, tutorials, or the official source related to PRISON ESCAPE. Enjoy the thrilling adventure of breaking out of a heavily guarded prison with tactical criminal skills! Here's a guide on how to play, based on the provided information:


Controls Guide:

  1. Move:

    • Use the WASD keys or Arrow keys to move your character.
  2. Sprint:

    • Press the Shift key to sprint for faster movement.
  3. Crouch:

    • Press the C key to crouch, allowing for stealthier movement.
  4. Jump:

    • Use the Space key to make your character jump.
  5. Glide:

    • Press the Q key to glide, potentially aiding in evasion.
  6. Aim:

    • Use the Right Mouse button to aim.
  7. Shoot:

    • Use the Left Mouse button to shoot.

How to Play:

  1. Dodging Guards:

    • Navigate through the prison, avoiding security guards to stay undetected.
  2. Survival Strategies:

    • Develop and implement survival strategies to evade capture.
  3. Execute Escape Plan:

    • Use tactical criminal skills to execute a well-planned escape from the prison.
  4. Stealthy Movement:

    • Utilize crouching and other stealthy movements to remain unnoticed.
  5. Sprint for Cover:

    • Sprint using the Shift key to cover larger distances quickly.
  6. Jump and Glide (if applicable):

    • Jump and glide using the Space and Q keys, respectively, for strategic maneuvers.
  7. Aim and Shoot:

    • If necessary, aim using the Right Mouse button and shoot with the Left Mouse button.


  • Stealth is Key:

    • Prioritize stealthy movements to avoid drawing attention.
  • Plan Your Escape:

    • Plan your escape carefully, considering guard movements and potential obstacles.
  • Use Cover:

    • Make use of the environment for cover during your escape.
  • Timing is Crucial:

    • Pay attention to the timing of guard patrols and movements.