Punkte Verbinden is a German phrase that translates to Connect the Dots in English. From the description provided, it appears to be a puzzle game where players connect dots to form sequential paths for different shapes. The game challenges players to use their problem-solving skills to create the correct paths. It features multiple levels set across three different worlds, promising an entertaining and mentally stimulating experience.


How to Play:

  1. Catch the Dots: Start by catching the dots that appear on the screen. These dots represent the starting points for your paths.
  2. Connect the Dots: After catching the dots, drag your finger or cursor to connect them in sequential order. The goal is to create a continuous path that follows the numerical or sequential order of the dots.
  3. Complete the Shapes: By connecting the dots in the correct order, you'll form shapes corresponding to the level's objective.
  4. Advance Through Levels: Progress through multiple levels across three different worlds, each presenting new challenges and shapes to connect.

Controls Guide:

  • Mouse or Touchscreen: Click or tap and drag to catch the dots and connect them to form paths.
  • Keyboard (if available): Some versions of the game may support keyboard controls for catching dots and connecting paths, typically using arrow keys or designated keys.

Key Features:

  • Entertaining Puzzle Gameplay: Enjoy engaging puzzle gameplay as you connect dots to form shapes.
  • Multiple Levels in Three Worlds: Explore various levels spread across three distinct worlds, each offering its own set of challenges.
  • Brain-Teasing: Challenge your brain as you strategize and plan the sequential paths to connect the dots efficiently.
  • Visual Appeal: Experience visually appealing graphics and animations as you progress through the game.