Raft Life is a game where players embark on a crafting and survival adventure on a raft. The goal is to build and expand your floating island, showcasing craft and survival skills. The game involves various activities to ensure your survival on the raft, such as chopping trees, constructing new sections, fishing for food, and attempting to grow fruits and vegetables.

How to play RAFT LIFE

Gameplay Overview:

  1. Genre:

    • Crafting and Survival Game.
  2. Objective:

    • Build and expand your raft while engaging in various survival activities to stay alive.

Controls Guide:

  1. Point and Click or Tap:
    • Use the mouse for point-and-click controls or touchscreen taps if playing on a mobile device.

How to Play:

  1. Start on the Raft:

    • Begin the game on a basic raft, floating in the ocean.
  2. Crafting:

    • Use crafting skills to build new sections of your raft and expand its size.
  3. Resource Gathering:

    • Chop down trees to gather wood and collect other resources to fuel your crafting.
  4. Fishing:

    • Engage in fishing activities to catch fish, providing a source of food.
  5. Planting and Farming:

    • Try to plant and grow fruits and vegetables to sustain yourself.
  6. Watch Out for Sharks:

    • Be cautious and watch out for sharks in the water, as they pose a threat to your survival.


  • Balancing Resources:

    • Manage resources efficiently to ensure a sustainable and thriving raft.
  • Building Strategy:

    • Plan your raft layout strategically to optimize space and functionality.
  • Survival Priorities:

    • Prioritize survival activities such as food production and protection from sharks.