About Risky Train Crossing

Risky Train Crossing, in this game you must cross a Risky Train in endless mode! Use your arrow keys to guide the train and cross the tracks one station at a time. Don’t let the steamroll past you or you’ll suffer consequences! Press ^ or increase or decrease the speed of the train. Avoid the obstacles on the track and make it across the tracks before the steam car ahead of you passes it! Arcade, Crossy Road Crossing An Risksy Train In Endless ModeIs Harder Than You Think To do it right is almost impossible. It requires years of practice and experience.

An endless runner where you must avoid the trains! As a cowboy, your ranch is full of trains. You have to avoid them or be cornered by them at any cost. Crossy Road is a casual endless runner inspired by old-school arcades and rhythm games like Puyo Puyo and Tetris. Your character roams across fields of trains, avoiding them at all costs. If you run into a train, you fall down an infinite tunnel - you may as well just stop and run.

You are a lonely cowboy on an endless train crossing a risky river. A girl is on your train, but she is not who you think! Can you help the girl get safely to the other side of the tracks? You can either cross by jumping from pillar to pillar or jump through an endless line of trains that might be dangerous! Avoid the hurdles and run fast enough to make it to the other side! How far can you go? Good luck!

How to play Risky Train Crossing

Cross the railway tracks. Don't get run over!