About Sea Guys (.io)

Sea Guys is a 2D multiplayer battle royale game in which you are one of the last sea creatures left. You will have to hunt your opponents and destroy them until there is only one Sea Guy left. Each player starts out as a little fish, exploring the ocean. When you see another player, you start chasing it to kill it. The players get stronger by eating other fish and crabs they find there are three different types of Fish: Normal, Heavy, and Ghost Fish. They all have advantages in different situations and different disadvantages against other species.

Sea Guys is a new, 2D multiplayer battle royale game with cute little underwater creatures and lots of different weapons! Up to 16 players can simultaneously compete in a shrinking arena filled with dangerous sea monsters. Explore the map and find useful items like stronger weapons or even a jetpack, so you can jump up and explore the many nooks and crannies of this virtual aquarium. But be careful - get too close to another player and you’ll end up shooting them instead of the shark!

This amazing game is a 2D Battle Royale game. The battle and battle arena are sailing in the sea. You need to be cautious and monitor your surroundings at all times. There will be many threats lurking around you, so don’t hesitate to eliminate them. With the limited inventory space, you will have to throw away some items after picking up new ones. Remember that there are teammates among other enemies, so choose wisely who you want to trust.

Sea Guys is a new 2D multiplayer battle game inspired by the famous Battle of the Blue Lagoon movie released in 1980. In this game, you will have to play as a marine and battle against other players who are also turning into animals such as crabs, seahorses, octopuses, es, or fish. You will need to use the unique attributes of your animal to catch your opponents off-guard and win.

This game is an online multiplayer battle royale game with cute sea creatures. Players will be dropped onto a shrinking arena, and they need to hunt and kill other players to survive. They will have to use the environment to their advantage in order to eliminate the other opponents. If you like cute games with lots of underwater action, come and join us. Have fun!

How to play Sea Guys (.io)

Mouse to move. Left click or space bar to brake, release to boost.