About Ships 3D

Ships 3D is a casual game that combines strategy and real physics. You get to play as the captain of a warship and lead it to victory against other warships in fleet battles. The game has multiple levels of difficulty, so you can play it at an appropriate level for you. The ships you command have different characteristics, armor and weaponry, so a single ship might be able to defeat another with better stats but if the conditions are optimal, they could both lose the battle. If you are into games like Clash of Clans or Game of War this is definitely something for you! It offers completely free gameplay with optional in-app purchases for real cash.

If you have played games like Battleship, you will love this one! In 3D Ship Simulator, a fleet of warships sail the high seas in 3D. Your mission is to build your own fleet and navigate against your friends. You must anticipate the moves of your opponents and plan the best strategy to outwit them. Do you have what it takes to be a great Fleet Commander? Build your fleet from powerful warships such as Destroyers, Cruisers, and Carriers. Upgrade your ships with better cannons and other upgrades to become a more efficient warship. Field an all-star team to crush your enemy with superior tactics and planning!

A new age of naval combat has arrived. Raise the anchor and prepare your ship for battle as you command your crew in a fight against the enemy! Become the captain of your own warship as you take command in epic naval battles across the world’s oceans. Upgrade and customize your ship to become even deadlier in combat. Construct stronger masts, cannons, and engines to obliterate your enemies before they even see them coming. Command a fleet of ships to annihilate the foe from all sides! Good luck!

How to play Ships 3D

WASD = move

Mouse = look around

F = interact with steering, sail, and cannons when standing close to them.