About Squid Game Challenge Honeycomb

Squid Game Challenge Honeycomb is an engaging game inspired by the famous Squid Game series. In this unique challenge, players are tasked with demonstrating their ability to draw well-known shapes using a small stick. The game captures the essence of the popular TV series and brings the excitement of survival games to players.

How to play Squid Game Challenge Honeycomb


  1. Shape Drawing Challenge: Players select their favorite character and attempt to draw various shapes, replicating the challenges seen in the TV series.

  2. Levels and Difficulty: The game features more than 10 levels of increasing difficulty. The first four levels test players' ability to overcome and draw basic shapes, gradually introducing more demanding challenges.

  3. Elimination Risk: Failing to draw a shape accurately results in the character's elimination. Players must avoid going over the painted lines to progress to the next level.

  4. Character Switch: If a mistake occurs, the player switches to another character and starts the challenge again from the beginning.

  5. High Score Accumulation: The objective is to accumulate the highest score possible by successfully drawing different shapes without errors.


  • Utilize touch controls or mouse interactions to draw shapes with precision.
  • Navigate through menus to choose characters and progress through levels.

Objective: The main objective of Squid Game Challenge Honeycomb is to showcase drawing skills by accurately replicating shapes without crossing painted lines. Players must aim for a high score, navigating through progressively challenging levels while avoiding mistakes that lead to character elimination.