About Stabfish 2

Have you ever imagined being a real shark? What about being the craziest shark in the ocean? Now you can with our new game Stablefish 2!

Let the battle of the fish begin! In this fun and exciting io game, you have to be smart, fast, and strong if you want to become the new shark dominator. Choose your fish and fight against other players in this thrilling and dynamic online game. You can play with friends or alone, it’s up to you! You will have different types of fish to choose from but keep in mind that every single one of them has special powers! They can jump over ledges, hide in shadows, or swim faster than normal. The stronger your character is, the better chances you have to win. And trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your enemy cry for mercy when your spear hits them right between their eyes…

Stay away from the predators, but not only! You must also find and eat more fish than your friends to grow faster than them! They are everywhere, at the bottom of the sea. Hide and ambush them, stalk them and make sure they don’t know where you are! Ready? Let’s get started now!

How to play Stabfish 2

Controls Mouse = direct your weapon Left-click and right-click = use skills