About Stabfish.io

Stabfish.io is a browser game that is set in a submerged world filled with fish! You play as a striped yellow fish and must grow to become the biggest and is a top-down multiplayer game where you take control of a shark. Your task is to grow the biggest and baddest fish in the ocean by eating smaller fish and attacking larger ones. To do so, you need to grow tentacles that will help you hunt your prey and protect yourself from being hunted by others. Once you are big enough, you can battle against other players for supremacy and dominance of the ocean.

In this game, you play as a fish, whose goal is to grow and become the biggest fish in the pond. You do this by eating other fish, along with their eggs (or fry), and destroying their schools. Once you have destroyed enough schools and collected enough food, you will grow into a bigger fish and go after even bigger Newer and fiercer is a top-down, multiplayer, action game that pits you like a hungry shark in a school of fish. If you’re smaller than other players, you can hide and ambush them to eat them, or find larger fish to team up with and hunt the little guys together. Grow your size and strength by eating other fish - but beware of their sneaky. Good luck!

How to play Stabfish.io

PC Move your mouse to control the movement Press left mouse button to boost speed Mobile Swipe to control direction Hold two fingers on the screen to boost